Important Members Notice

Dear Member

Hope you’re enjoying your squash and time at Newport Squash Rackets Club, and for those of you who played team squash you had an enjoyable season!

It’s the time of year to give you advance notice that your current membership expires on 31stAugust 2016 and will be up for renewal, with the new 2016/17 membership year commencing on 1st September 2016.

It’s very pleasing for us all that the membership numbers at NSRC are continually on the up, with us seeing a 70% increase (94 to 160 members ) in the past 18 months, this is a very important income stream for the club and will assist us to make further investments and refurbishments at the club over time.

In the interest of the club and all its members the Committee has decided not to increase any membership fees for the forthcoming year, and due to its success the Junior category has remained at £30 (previously £55 or £25) enabling the continued growth of young people joining the club.

Breakdown of membership fees:

· Full member - £155 (full use of club and courts peak and off-peak)

· Senior member - £85 (as above and 65 years or over at the time of joining)

· Country member - £85 (as above and only for members who live 25 miles or more from the club)

· Husband & Wife membership - £250 (as above and solely for Husband/Wives or live in partners in a relationship at the same address)

· Student member - £85 (as above and details of course attending must be provided)

· Junior member - £30 (18 years or under at the time of joining - DOB proof may be necessary)

· Social member - £10 (bar use only)

Payment methods:

Card (debit or credit), cash or cheque - N.B. the only payment plan available is for ‘Full members’ who wish to take up the 3 post-dated cheque option - 1st Sept. - £55, 1st Oct. - £50 and 1st Nov. - £50……unfortunately this cannot be extended out to card or cash payments!

We kindly ask that all fees are paid by the 31st August 2016 and that members make all payments directly to the bar staff, who will put them through the till entering the members details against the payment and provide a receipt - please ensure you obtain one.

We require all members to complete and sign a membership form please to ensure we have up to date and accurate information for every member, your cooperation with this please is both important and necessary! N.B. - Bar staff have been instructed to only take payment with a completed form.

**Please be aware that failure to pay membership fees by 31st August 2016 will result in fob deactivation, and a £5 fob reactivation fee will then be charged when membership is paid**

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support, and we’re all looking forward to another prosperous year for NSRC!

There will be further reminders over the coming weeks and notices put up around the club too.

Kind Regards

The Committee

Newport Squash Rackets Club

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