Summer League ROUND 1

Hi All end of season curry and quiz info attached. Please support the event and bring your team mates.

Round 1 Teams Confirmed for Wednesday 18th May 7 pm start summer league

Team Port Vs Team Birt

1. Mark Johnson Vs Simon Birt

2. Jamie Gajic Vs Will Crowe

3. Ben French Vs Gary Evans

Team Hammer Vs Nomads

1. Abby Hicks Vs Dave Lees

2. John Turner Vs Matthew Lawrence

3. Hafeez Rehaan Vs Mike Thompson

Dragons Vs Monnow

1. Calvin Till Vs Doug Rodger

2. Lewis Baddage Vs Andy Brace

3. Jennie James Vs Mike Coulthard

Rebels Vs Team Gwent

1. Jez Green Vs Steve Thomas

2. Phil Eason Vs John Taylor

3. Rich Kelly Vs Sean Bishop

Reserves for round 1 who will play each other @ 6.30

Steve Gregory Vs Chris Neye

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