April Members Update!


Top 8 for the Chairman's Cup in May with 1 month to go

1. Phil Eason

2. Craig Poole

3. Mark Blenkin

4. Gary Evans

5. Mike Richards

6. Ciara Richards

7. Ben French

8. Kevin Boshier

9. Steve Gregory

10. Lewis Baddage



Starts Wednesday 18th of May still few spots remaining please email gregtippings@gmail.com to secure your spot. 8 number 1 already confirmed for the teams!

1. Andy Hamar

2. Simon Birt

3. Abby Hicks

4. David Lees

5. Andy Brace / Doug Jones

6. Mark Johnson

7. Steve Thomas

8. Will Crowe



May 20th / 21st Newport Club Championships Juniors, Seniors and Vets 8 person draws for each event. email gregtippings@gmail.com to enter

Newport A vs Rhiwbina A Thursday 14th @ April 7.15 start all support welcome Pete Creed and Josh Masters playing for Rhiwbina both world top 100 players

TOP 16 starts Thursday 19th of May for the right to play for the top 4 teams in the club. email gregtippings@gmail.com to enter subject to availability.

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